tips to clean grout

Grout can be the key to making your bathroom look great. But it does take a little maintenance to keep it looking great. Before considering removing all your grout, from porcelain tiles, which can be a dusty process and replacing it with new grout try these simple cleaning methods. Always work only on a small area at a time. Take care to start in a less exposed area - and do a test first!! 

  1. Scrub with a mild detergent and small scrub brush. 
  2. White vinegar and baking soda. Mix a small amount of each and scrub with a small scrub brush or a toothbrush. Rinse with warm water before moving on.
  3. Shaving cream. Spray on the grout lines, leave for a few minutes, then scrub with a small brush.
  4. Oxygenated cleaners (a little less harmful than the harsher products below). Mix according to direction, use a small scrub brush and rinse well.

There are stronger products on the market such as bleach, peroxide but use with caution as it can discolor the tile and grout.

When none of the above work - it might be time to look at grout replacement.